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Throne strategy Throne strategy is strategy defense game , using tricks you should defense your king from rebels,place fire walls in good position and also throw walls to rebels.
Kingdom wars2 It is not easy to have your kingdom in middle ages, if kingdom is not rich and don’t have good army others will occupy it, be good ruler build new and good soldier units and [...]
Old warriors Strategy game Old warriors is for people who love war games, with your king and soldiers you should defeat all kind of enemies.King is good warrior but if king is dead war is over, [...]
Defense craft 2 There are many enemy’s bases on the battlefield , your mission is defense your main base and occupy all basses.Use mouse for selecting base and mouse click for sending soldie [...]
Tank war defense Choose your units and place them on battlefield ,you should buy new weapons and new tools for soldiers.After all defensing your main base will become much easy.
London air strike London air strike is strategy game fudge , your mission is choose right trajectory for your air plane and destroy enemy’s planes .
Flu attack when flu infection attacks human body ,defensing war begins,you should destroy all infected cells and body will be healthy again
Freedom wars You should defense your freedom,build bases for your soldiers and send troops to war,update regularly your weapons,attack from sky and destroy your enemy’s main base
Elephant struggle1 You are mighty elephant king, Your mission is conquering other lands,use your elephant power ,your soldiers and make sudden attacks to your enemy.
Elephant attack Elephant attack is strategy game, you should choose good strategy when attacking enemies troops. You have various weapons in your arsenal ,you can shoot arrows ,use catapults and m [...]
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