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Revolution 1917 Revolution 1917 is strategy game, update your soldiers and weapons, make as many units as you can and send them in battle.Destroy your enemy with mighty attacks
Modern tank war Strategy tactical war game. Select your tanks end send them to attack enemies bases, if there is no way for tanks send helicopters to enemies base.Move quickly or enemies like will [...]
Anticristum wars Anticristum war is strategy tactical fudge game, make Anticristum warriors and send them to enemies , if you loose this war your kingdom will be destroyed by ugly enemies creatures [...]
Battle for Alandria2 Strategy game fudge, You should make units and protect your king.Choose 1 of four kings and defend your king and destroy enemy.
Battle in the highland 2 Battle in the highland 2 , strategy fudge game. you should been smart and conquer enemies castles before they conquer you
Air wars Air wars fudge strategy game, defeat your enemies or they will defeat you.
Priests and devils In this game fudge priests and devils are together , but devils are very danger , if they are more than priests they will kill priests
Sea battles Your ship is surrounded by enemies, you must make right move and right shoot to win the battle
Bug Wars game Bug Wars game fudge strategy Gamefudge,You have Spawns and must conquer enemies spawns
Civilizations Wars fudge Strategy fudge war game, your mission is make your civilization bigger and bigger .
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