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Mutants shooter Lot of mutants are attacking village,you have to shoot them and defense village from mutants,after each attack you will receive money and win some guns .you can sell guns and recei [...]
Air fighter game You can play real air fighter game and enjoy the air battle,move your airplane quickly and not miss when shooting, also you have to destroy targets on the ground,after successfully [...]
Tank trouble Your tank is in trouble,you must use it and defense your base ,enemies tanks ,soldiers and war military machines are coming to destroy your base,use your tank and defeat them, coll [...]
Defense the base Enemies are coming to destroy your military base,you have to defense it,buy weapons and destroy the enemies.You can change guns with mouse scroll .
Tank battle Like other war games Tank battle is for people who loves tiny tanks have to defeat enemy’s tank ,but you have to test your tank’s driving skills ,try to not [...]
Air force Pilot Two countries made unit against your’s, You have strategic advantages,Your big advantages is your Air forces .From air you should throw bombs and destroy enemies Military equ [...]
Pirates chasing Your ship is chasing pirates ship, should should shoot them but try to not miss ,because you have limited amount of bullets.
Tank attack Simple playing shooting game Tank attack, move your tank with arrow keys and shoot with D keys, don’t be too late when you are shooting or you will be shut .
Jerry shooter Now is Jerry’s time, he has gun and with this gun he can shoot cats,but if Jerry is not good shooter he will miss the target.You must choose good position for shooting .
Air fight Air fight2 is shooting game on air, you are followed from other airplanes try to avoid being shot ,chase your
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