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Lake fishing Lot of people love fishing,but they often not have a time ,you can play this new lake fishing game at office and feel like you are fishing on the lake,you have to throw your fishin [...]
Unequality learning This learning game at game fudge will teach you mathematics equality should answer questions and you will improve mathematics equality calculation skills
Infection attack When infection enters human body it tries to occupy as much healthy cells as it is possible, but immune system tries to defense cells and destroy infection .Playing this game you w [...]
Micro wars War is everywhere, countries are fighting against each other,people are fighting , animals are fighting, playing this game you will learn that war is also in micro world. If you do [...]
Cell life Playing Cell life you will learn how cell structure is organized , at beginning you cell has only one organelle and can only move , but by the way you will collect glucose ,mitocho [...]
English game for beginners1 English game for beginners1 is for people who want to study english, playing this game you will improve english grammar skills and also you will begin thinking in english.You must [...]
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